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buy danish dk linksSo you need links from Danish domains, and you are interested in quality not qvantity.

At Connect Media we have been in the Danish SEO industri for more than 18 years and we know exactly where we can get you those ranking-changing links your client needs i DK.

Get links from domains with traffick not PBN

We dont offer linsk fra Dansih PBNs, we only offer links from domains with danish traffic and good solid matrics – Great relevance and NO DR manipulation.

Get articles from Danish natives

All articles are made withput Ai and from native journalists.

We have high-end jpournalists that can write directly to ypur domain if you need Danish translationb etc.

Dk links and prices

In Denmark you will find, that the price for a good solid relevant link on a domain with high DR is not cheap or fiver-ish.

The huge papers in Danmark dosent just give acces to a do-follow link for 5 bucks.

A great Danish link from a strong and relevand .dk domain will cost you around 2.000 dkr – thats like 300 dolars.

Its not at all cheap, but ypu wont need that mutch, they are very strong and sends a lot of pagerank.

Whar would it cost to rank high in Google.dk

You need at setup with great DK content on your domain and around 100 .dk links to start getting in the top.

Of cause it depends on the competition in Google.dk for the searches you are interested in.

Feel free to call us or send us a mail, and we will return with a specifick price.

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